The PalmCrest Shutdown Readiness Database is customised to match the optimum Planning frequency. Each key element within the planning process is identified, tracked and measured. A weekly report is produced to show progress and identify the areas of concern.

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Shutdown Readiness - Controlling the Planning Horizon

PalmCrest Shutdown Toolbox

Shutdown Scheduling Interface - Controlling the Schedule

We link the schedule to the CMMS (SAP, Pronto etc..) Literally turning scheduling days into hours as you dynamically build the plan and engaged all stakeholders from the get go.


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Shutdown Reporting - Controlling the Shutdown

We track progress, we analyse the data, we make decisions before its too late!

The PalmCrest shutdown reporting and S-curve tool allows the execution team see if they are on track. It also provides an Executive summary for managers at the push of a button.

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