Shutdown Scheduling Master Class

With 20 years experience working as a shutdown scheduler and training hundreds of schedulers over the years, you will NOT find a more definitive maintenance focused scheduling course than this one. If you want to to learn shutdown scheduling or just hone your existing skills then this is the best course in the market. to reserve a seat and find out more , click here

Whats in the course
Workflow Management Process 
Making the scheduling process business friendly
Driving compliance through WFM and Business driven templates
Long Range Planning Schedule
Developing a long range strategy Production, Engineering and Commercial buy in.
Meetings and positive outcomes Shutdown readiness
Schedule Architecture
Reviewing the basics
WBS strategies
Milestone rules
Critical path analysis
Critical mass management
Float logic
Prioritising Work
Equipment criticality
Critical Path Compression
Shutdown Schedule Customisation
Effective shutdown views
Customising Project to fit your work flow
CMMS Workflow and schedule management
CMMS interoperability
Interfacing with other software
Execution and Tracking
Supervisor tracking Gantt Updating the schedule Rescheduling work/Deferring work
Managing Critical Mass
Schedulers Reports
Executive Summary
Resource Histogram’s
Custom S – Curve reports Workflow distribution
WBS Targets and actuals
Closeout reports 
Resource Management
Working out the numbers Crewing for shutdowns
Leveling Resources
Shutdown Costs
Wrench time estimates
MSP versus Gate costs
Scoping & estimating costs in MSP