Our experience is your advantage! - we come to the the table with working solutions. Our initiatives have been adopted by major companies across the globe.

Great shutdown execution begins in the planning space. We know how to set up for success!

We offer:

Shutdown Reviews

Let us have a look at how you are doing. With exposure to over hundreds of shutdowns we know what works and what wastes time and money. A shutdown review helps you tackle the issues and get things on track to minimise cost and increase productivity

PalmCrest Shutdown Tool Box

PalmCrest offer a suite of tools to manage shutdown planning and improve shutdown execution. Shutdown Readiness is our database that tracks planning progress and increases team and departmental collaboration. CMMS Schedule integration with the PalmCrest Verification process literally turns days into minutes in the scheduling space. No more disengagement between the schedule and SAP (Or whatever CMMS you are using). This is full CMMS and schedule integration.

PalmCrest also offer a suite of tools for measuring planning churn and execution progress through dashboards and fully automated S- Curves.

Expert Scheduling training . support and supply

We only use the the BEST schedulers and they come to the table with full-time PalmCrest support during the life of their engagement.

No where else will you get a fully trained shutdown scheduler with "on-tap" back up and support at no additional charge. If you are not using a PalmCrest trained schedulers then you are not getting the most from your investment.

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