Shutdown School

What is Shutdown School?

PalmCrest Shutdown school offers valuable insights into setting up and prepping for a benchmark shutdown experience.

This 1 day course will cover the essential components in shutdown controls, covering the key roles and  responsibilities of all stake holders. Delegates will discover the fundamentals of preparing for a maintenance shutdown of any level. 
The PalmCrest shutdown methodology  has been used successfully across a wide range of industry for over two decades. Each Delegate will leave with a proven road map to help them optimise their existing roles or assist in the development of new roles for benchmark shutdown methodologies.

Who should attend?






Using the Planning Horizon to set up for success - The Preparation and Planning Road map

Team work, connecting the groups, leading from the front, getting the right buy in

Setting the right expectations, the big picture, driving the right process, optimising the team

Breaking it down,a sure steady and measured approach to being shutdown ready

Good Better Best, creating a fully linked dynamic schedule to the planning process

Shutdown School is based on best practice methodologies from over two decades of shutdown development and execution strategies. In an ever changing technological environment we often overlook the basics and bypass the talents of our greatest assets. (People). This course will help delegates identify and understand how to optimise any team and get the best out of their current situation.